Drumlin Farms

A visit to Drumlin Farm today, Dexter loved the pigs and hayride.

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First Walker

Dexter is now fully aware of the challenges of getting older, and he's already practicing using a walker.  Notice the shoe selection….

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First "Long Distance" Bike Ride

Grammy and Papa K took Dexter for a bike ride today.  Or more like, Dexter took them for a bike ride.  Grammy K writes:

Dexter rode all the way down Linda Ave. to the bridge over the river, fed the ducks LOTS of bread and then rode all the way back (Papa was acting as the support team on the way back - just in case he couldn't make the trip - every few yards, Dexter would stop, breathe heavily, and Bill would pass him a water bottle out the window. Refreshed, he would soldier on. Grammy was the most tired since he insisted we race, but he always offered me a sip from the water bottle. So much fun!

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Very Friendlys

Dexter discovered the New England kids joy of Friendlys.  Now mom & dad just need to get him to go somewhere that we like!

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First New Home

Dexter moved into his first new house in his whole life, a Sudbury rental house.  And he's making himself right at home.

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